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Heads Over Heels’ mission is to increase the representation of women entrepreneurs leading high growth businesses. The key work of Heads Over Heels is aimed at increasing the representation of women entrepreneurs leading high growth businesses, and to thereby reduce gender inequality not just within the entreprenueral space, but across all of society.


Heads Over Heels works with Connectors and a select group of CEOs to provide access to the strategic networks required for growth. In Australia, women are starting businesses at the same rate as men*. However, statistics from around the world show that women-led businesses do not scale anywhere near the same rate as male-led businesses.**

To help address this imbalance Heads Over Heels focuses on one of the most important pre-determinants of business success – an entrepreneur’s access to critical business network connections. Heads Over Heels selects and develops outstanding women CEOs by offering them game-changing connections which lead to meaningful impact.


* Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) survey, 2010 ** EY independent study “Force Multipliers, How three fundamental adaptations can help women entrepreneurs scale big” 2014


We develop outstanding women CEOs. We begin with a rigorous process that selects talented women running growth-oriented companies.

We work with the CEOs to identify critical introductions that have the potential to greatly accelerate their growth.

The CEOs we select become role models to encourage other women to follow their own entrepreneurial path.

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We bring together a group of Connectors who can make Game-Changing introductions. Our Connectors are senior business and community leaders. They share a passion for supporting women entrepreneurs and making targeted introductions to their valuable networks. Our model creates an efficient way for Connectors to quickly make a big difference.

By having more men and women understand womens’ unique set of challenges when scaling their business, we change the community’s support and perception of women leading their own businesses.

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We focus on connections that make meaningful impact. Since 2010, more than 30 women CEOs have been selected by Heads Over Heels with more than 1,700 high impact introductions made. In addition we strive to:

  • To reduce deeply entrenched gender inequality
  • Create women role models for other women and men to support women in their pursuit of economic independence
  • Create more men and women in business who understand womens’ unique challenges to help facilitate equality
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