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We begin with a rigorous, meritocratic process to unearth talented women of all backgrounds running growth-oriented companies. Following selection, we prepare our CEOs to focus on the highest impact ‘asks’ of Heads Over Heels Connectors, that will meaningfully improve their probability of entrepreneurial success.  CEOs are coached to present to a targeted group of our Connectors, who volunteer relevant business introductions that are carefully actioned and tracked. Over time, our Heads Over Heels Alumni CEOs have become powerful role models to other women entrepreneurs as well as our Connectors and their peers.

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CEO: Lauren Hall
Company: iVvy
Description: Online event management and registration software.
Website: www.ivvy.com
CEOs: Fiona Anson and Alli Baker
Company: JobGetter (previously Workible)
Description: JobGetter is a mobile recruitment platform that allows employers and jobseekers to connect anywhere, anytime.
Website: www.jobgetter.com
CEO: Vanessa Wilson
Company: StorReduce
Description: Australia’s first scalable online image & file backup service.
Website: http://storreduce.com
CEO: Mandi Gunsberger
Company: Babyology
Description: The most trusted multichannel market leader in high-quality content for Australian parents.
Website: www.babyology.com.au
CEOs: Noga Edelstein and Elke Keeley
Company: Urbanyou
Description: The “Get Help” button for your home – instantly book a trusted cleaner, gardener or handyman for a time convenient to you.
Website: www.urbanyou.com.au
CEO: Emma Lo Russo
Company: Digivizer
Description: We make sense of the social web, to deliver the digital footprint of people you know and the people you really should know.
Website: www.digivizer.com
CEO: Noelle Sunstrom
Company: NeuClone
Description: Biotech company leader in cell-line development, producing cost differentiated biosimilars.
Website: www.neuclone.com
CEOs: Veronika Bilkova
Company: EFTlab
Description: Payment technology platform that helps modern payments businesses deliver innovative solutions to the market faster.
Website: www.eftlab.com
CEO: Bridget Louden
Company: Expert360
Description: Expert360 is an online marketplace that allows businesses to find and engage top consulting talent for project-based work.
Website: www.expert360.com
CEO: Susanna Cates
Company: Urban Originals
Description: Australia’s favourite handbag and accessories label.
Website: www.uo.com.au
CEO: Simone Pedersen
Company: Red Scout
Description: Online training for beauty and fashion Industries.
Website: www.redscoutonline.com
CEO: Prue Gilbert
Company: Grace Papers
Description: Empowers working mothers with proven support strategies to return to work confidently, flexibly and valued.
Website: www.gracepapers.com.au
CEO: Theresa Lim
Company: Play2Lead
Description: Play2lead makes corporate learning fun, memorable and measurable at live events and online.
Website: wwwplay2lead.com
CEO: Deb Noller
Company: Switch Automation
Description: Switch is an enterprise operations platform for corporate and commercial real estate portfolios.
Website: www.switchautomation.com
CEO: Liz Kaelin
Company: Caitre’d
Description: Caitre’d is “at your service” as your office catering concierge.
Website: http://www.caitre-d.com
CEO: Rebecca Wilson
Company: Starts at 60
Description: Starts at 60 is Australia’s largest media site for over 60s and the fastest growing media brand in the mature market.
Website: www.startsat60.com
CEO: Helen Awali
Company: Bookmarc
Description: The product & project library for the design & construction industry.
Website: www.bookmarc.com.au
CEO: Kristy Chong
Company: Modibodi
Description: The next evolution in underwear. Great designs, superior fabrics and super slim Modifier Technology protection to eliminate odour, wick and absorb moisture and keep women comfortable, dry and fresh, all day, every day.
Website: www.modibodi.com.au
CEO: Alison Hardacre
Company: HealthKit
Description: HealthKit is a global online healthcare platform for patients, practitioners and users of health data.
Website: www.healthkit.com
CEO: Sharon Nouh
Company: ExpenseManager
Description: Cloud software platform helping businesses to automate their entire procure to pay expense and invoice process. All in the one affordable and paper free solution
Website: www.expense-manager.com.au
CEO: Danielle Fletcher and Naomi Lindermeyer
Company: Kimberlin Education
Description: Kimberlin Education is the leading digital agency creating innovative educational and community awareness programs.
Website: www.kimberlineducation.com.au
CEO: Dr Dharmica Mistry & Jayne Shaw (Chair)
Company: BCAL Diagnostics
Description:  Breast cancer blood screening. For every woman, everywhere.
Website: www.bcaldiagnostics.com
CEO: Bridget Farmer
Company: Boardwatch
Description: Harnessing the consumer power to put pressure on companies to improve the gender balance on their Executive Committees’ and Board of Directors’.
Website: www.boardwatchalert.com
CEO: Dr Silvia Pfeiffer
Company: Coviu
Description: Video consultation made easy.
Website: www.coviu.com
CEO: Tessa Court
Company: Intelligence Bank
Description: Business process management software that makes ‘work life’ easy.
Website: www.intelligencebank.com

CEO: Katherine McConnell
Company: Brighte
Description: Australia’s easiest way to pay ‘no interest’ for home energy and improvements
Website: www.brighte.com.au
CEO: Jenny O’Neill
Company: Episoft
Description: Cloud based chemotherapy software. Oncology, infusion and practice management software for hospitals & day clinics
Website: www.episoft.com.au
CEO: Renece Brewster
Company: Visual Domain
Description: Making Video production accessible for ever brand, every business.
Website: http://visualdomain.com.au
CEO: Cate Hull
Company: FreightExchange
Description: An online logistics platform offering interstate freight transport via road, rail, sea and air freight services and solutions across Australia.
Website: https://www.freightexchange.com.au/
CEO: Natalie Goldman
Company: Flexcareers
Description: FlexCareers has engineered game-changing technology to connect talented individuals with progressive employers offering flexible work.
Website: https://www.flexcareers.com.au/
CEO: Dion Oxley
Company: Quizling
Description: Quizling is an engagement platform connecting the education community to schools and corporates
Website: http://quizlingapp.com/
CEO: Gemma Lloyd
Company: Work180
Description: A job platform which pre-screens employers based on their policies and initiatives around supporting women in the workplace.
Website: www.work180.com.au
CEO: Julie Bray
Company: Konnective
Description: Konnective is a secure employee messaging application to engage with non-desk based workforces.
Website: http://www.konnective.com.au/
CEO: Lisa Schutz
Company: Verifer
Description: Fast income verification for financial institutions, without asking people to compromise their online privacy and security
Website: http://www.verifier.me/
CEO: Heidi Holmes and Lucy Lloyd
Company: Mentorloop
Description: A cloud-based software platform making great mentoring relationships more accessible, effective and available at scale.
Website: https://mentorloop.com/
CEO: Carolyn Mee
Company: Sound Scouts
Description: An innovative, hearing screening application that incorporates the science of a hearing test in a fun, mobile game.
Website: www.soundscouts.com
CEO: Jenny Cayzer
Company: Fly LegsUp
Description: A travel accessory which allows children to lie flat, and adults to elevate their feet and legs, making long haul travel on planes, and other modes of transport, more comfortable.
Website: www.flylegsup.com
CEO: Jessica Ruhfus
Company: Collabosaurus
Description: A marketing tool that connects brands
for clever collaborations & partnerships, that is up to 30 x less expensive than other digital advertising.
Website: www.collabosaurus.com
CEO: Tania Jolley
Company: DNA Security Solutions
Description: A proprietary technology that blends forensic science and electronics by marking and tagging the criminal at the scene of the crime with a unique, invisible solution that acts as a fingerprint.
Website: www.dnasecuritysolutions.com.au

CEO: Aivee Robinson & Angela Kwan
Company: Catalyser
Description: A cloud software platform for employers of all sizes to engage their employees in social impact activities.
Website: https://www.catalyser.com.au
CEO: Michaela Wessels
Company: Style Arcade
Description: Buying and planning intelligence software for the retail industry.
Website: https://www.stylearcade.com.au
CEO: Claire Morris
Company: Prezzee
Description: Prezzee makes it easy to thank your staff and reward your customers at scale, as the only digital Gift Card specialist servicing both consumer & business markets in Australia.
Website: https://www.prezzee.com.au

CEO: Charlotte Petris
Company: Timelio
Description: Our cloud-based platform enables businesses to manage and improve working capital.
Website: https://timelio.com.au
CEO: Dr Claire Jenkins
Company: Vetchat
Description: Providing peace of mind to families by instantly connecting their pets to trusted Veterinarians via video and chat.
Website: https://www.vetchat.com.au
CEO: Dr Annie McAuley
Company: TalkiPlay
Description: An award winning play-based program that guides children to move around the room and explore language.
Website: https://www.talkiplay.com
CEO: Zoe Pointon & Marta Higuera
Company: OpenAgent
Description: We intelligently use data and customer reviews to match you with local agents who have a proven track record for selling properties just like yours.
Website: https://www.openagent.com.au
CEO: Sonya Stephen
Company: Choovie
Description: At Choovie, we’re on a mission to get people going to the movies more. The Choovie platform connects cinemas with corporate rewards programs, and offer dynamically priced tickets direct to consumers.
Website: https://www.choovie.com.au
CEO: Kim Westwood
Company: Shopping Links
Description: Shopping Links is a network and technology solution that makes it easier for retail brands to reach new audiences, track conversion, and increase revenues through relationships with influential content creators.
Website: https://shoppinglinks.com






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