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What you get:

At Head over Heels our focus is on the success of our CEOs. As a CEO you are given the opportunity to present your business to influential business and community leaders. These introductions and connections often lead to startegic partnerships, new clients and even investment.

What you need to know:

We look for:

  • High Growth – Aspirational and global oriented businesses
  • Traction – In market with a product or service, with customer traction
  • Scalability- Able to scale their business quickly – often this means the business is underpinned by technology or manufacturing
  • Credible CEO – A female CEO or founder who is open and willing to be supported by Heads Over Heels.
  • Asks – Our network consists of business and community leaders.  ‘Asks’ can be introductions to Corporates, Advisors, Partnership channels, and experts, not just investment.
What to do next:

If you are believe you meet the criteria, please complete the online questionnaire below.

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