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What you get:

At Head over Heels our focus is on the success of our CEOs. As a CEO you gain access to people who have the influence to ‘make the call’ that can become an ultimate game-changer for your growing business.

What you need to know:

We look for CEOs who have:

  • High Growth – Aspirational and growth oriented
  • Traction – In market with a product or service, with customer traction
  • Scalability- Able to scale their business quickly – often this means the business is underpinned by technology or manufacturing
  • Credible CEO – A female CEO or founder who is open and willing to be supported by Heads Over Heels.
  • Asks – Our network consists of business and community leaders.  ‘Asks’ can be introductions to Corporates, Advisors, Partnership channels, and experts, not just investment.
What to do next:

If you are believe you meet the criteria, please complete the online questionnaire below.

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