Heads Over Heels Boardroom Briefing – Proptech

Proptech Briefing

Heads Over Heels Boardroom Briefing – Proptech

Heads Over Heels recently hosted a series of boardroom briefings where senior executive leaders in the real estate, construction, business and investment industry were invited to listen to presentations discussing the leading trends in Property Technology and innovation.

The speakers included:

  • Deb Noller CEO and Co-founder of Switch Automation, Heads Over Heels Portfolio CEO
  • Rachel Kidwell – CEO and founder of TC Pinpoint, Pipeline CEO of Heads Over Heels
  • Jessica Christiansen-Franks – CEO and Founder of Neighbourlytics, Pipeline CEO of Heads Over Heels

and guests, Bruce Duyshart from Meld and Roger Walker from Incorp

There was incredible interest and in total there were three sessions across Sydney and Melbourne.

Discussions included the evolution of property construction and management from bring quite archaic, to a becoming green focused and now there is a priority to ensure we build smart buildings and cities. Technology is underpinning the latest trends in property from analysing energy usage for lighting to Air Conditioning to increase efficiencies to using data points from social media and open data platforms to help urban planning.

Deb Noller, CEO of Switch shared a challenge given from one of her clients to create a way to ‘measure collaboration’ in workplaces.

A common theme from all the speakers was that the future of Property technology is exciting and disruptive.

Thank you to our hosts and Platinum Sponsors EY and Macquarie for hosting our first boardroom briefing series.




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