Zoe Pointon – OpenAgent

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Zoe Pointon – OpenAgent

OpenAgent co-CEO Zoe Pointon takes us behind the scenes of a Heads Over Heels Portfolio Company

 What’s your company’s point of difference?

OpenAgent is a high-tech, high-touch helper for homeowners looking to sell. As Australia’s number 1 real estate agent comparison service, we have the data and insights to help people  sell for the best price, with the least stress.

 How did Heads Over Heels provide practical support?

Heads Over Heels put us in front of an excellent group of people, helped us refine our pitch, and connected us with people at the most senior levels of our target organisations.

What is the single biggest thing that helped you grow?

Advice from someone we met at Heads Over Heels opened up new, profitable marketing channels for us. Through this connection we also hired our head of marketing.

 Who or what were your “connections for growth”?

We are most thankful to Richard Enthoven. 

 Can you take us inside a “huddle”?

Inside a huddle I just can’t stop smiling! It is a powerful feeling of having all these people genuinely working together to help you on your business, and generously offering up introductions to senior executives at companies you wish to meet.

What one thing would you do differently?

Form a few deep advisory relationships with people who have been through the high-growth journey before and who you really connect with. They will bring perspective and help you manage your psychology along the way, as there are bound to be both incredible highs as well as some high stress or difficult moments.

 What advice would you offer the women following you?

  • Yes – my favourite entrepreneurial quote from one of our advisors. “Progress beats the hell out of fear. Every, single, time.” It is so true and amazing how good ticking things off your list can make you feel. I really believe building a good business is all about relentlessly getting and maintaining momentum.


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