Veronika Bilkova – EFTlab

Veronika Bilkova – EFTlab

What’s your company’s point of difference?

The modular design, multi-platfom support and high transaction processing performance allow our customers to bring new payment methods to market faster.

How did Heads Over Heels provide practical support?

Through Heads Over Heels I was able to meet  the right decision makers from the payment industry and also big number of potential investors.

What is the single biggest thing that helped you grow?

The biggest value for me is the feedback received from customers and people involved in the industry. Every day I learn from their experiences, needs and challenges.

 Who or what were your “connections for growth”?

Heads Over Heels connected us to the Financial Head of Woolworths, the Innovation Strategy Executive at Commonwealth bank and the Head of Payments of Bank Macquarie. I also received game changing introductions to potential investors and business partners.

 Can you take us inside a “huddle”?

Who haven’t experienced the atmosphere at the HoH portfolio events won’t believe. All these influential people who you have no chance to meet through any other networks are in one room, in very friendly mood – happy to help and support your business.

What one thing would you do differently?

I would be seeking earlier for the right advisors / networks and surround myself with people who are keen to help.

 What advice would you offer the women following you?

  • Don’t be worried to start very high-tech businesses, it’s not only male domain.
  • Be proud and strong even if you are only woman speaking to group of hundred males.
  • Choose wisely people you work with and make business with. I always listen to my instincts.
  • I can only recommend to all female entrepreneurs Heads over Heels organisation, where they can get huge help to grow their business and extraordinary support from other ladies in the same situation.


Anything else?

Sometime it’s challenging to find the right balance between business and family. But it’s worth! It has influence not only on your well being but also on your performance in the business.

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