Fiona Anson – Workible

Fiona Anson – Workible

Workible CEO Fiona Anson takes us behind the scenes of a Heads Over Heels Portfolio Company

What’s your company’s point of difference?

 Instead of the old “post and pray” method of job advertising, Workible allows companies to build Talent communities of interested candidates and engage with them around culture and brand to find the best people for the roles they have (even before they have the job).  Workible finds the right people for the job quickly – and all via mobile. It is a web app not a web site!

 How did Heads Over Heels provide practical support?

  • Heads Over Heels helped us hone our message via rehearsals with Felicity
  • Heads Over Heels put us in front of the right connections – those invited to the Portfolio Event

What is the single biggest thing that helped you grow?

Warm introductions to our target clients.

 Who or what were your “connections for growth”?

Heads Over Heels connected us to the Head of Dan Murphy and from there to Woolworths and BWS. We were also put in touch with the CEO of The Sussan Group who are now a client of ours.  In all, we received 68 different offers of connection – where 1 connection became 4… Heads Over Heels created a powerful “top down” advantage and it looks like we have 100s of 1,000s of additional revenue through these introductions.

 Can you take us inside a “huddle”?

Until you go through the process, you simply don’t understand the power of it! Inside the Huddle you get to explain what it is you need, reiterate your ‘asks’ and get very specific with the help you require.

What one thing would you do differently?

More market research up front. We started the journey selling “availability” and then found that the pain point was actually “quality and speed to hire” so now our core promise is to find quality staff fast.

 What advice would you offer the women following you?

  • Don’t be shy
  • Ask for exactly what you want
  • Go ‘Big & Bold”


 Anything else?

As well as introductions to high turnover industries that have to find quality people not in 4 weeks, not in 4 days, but less than 4 hours, I’ve found that the Heads Over Heels experience has made me bolder personally and given me a lesson in asking for what we want.

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